And now Here I am.  In my new life.

I didn’t think it could actually happen, but it has.


The plan was always to move to Cornwall. Away from our oversized house and overwhelmed lives and move to somewhere gentler, easier where we would think more, react less, chew for longer, taste the flavours.


We decided on Cornwall. It was a whimsical dream at first; a cottage in the country, close to the sea.  But dreams seed, and the more we played with the idea, the more it grew until it compelled us to action.

It began on the internet, as many things do.  An impulsive click on Right Move, a casual subscription to a mailing list, and before we knew it we’d fallen in love.


The house didn’t look much from the outside. Someone, at some stage had sprayed it with cement and UPVC-d the windows and doors.  But beneath hid a 200 year old cottage, part stone, part cob, just waiting for someone with an astute eye and lots of TLC.


And Oh, we had lots of TLC to give. Hours, days, weeks, pulling off render, re-building the chimney, re-routing plumbing, re-doing just about everything and creating a home.  The sort of home you never want to leave.


Back in Yorkshire.  “What will you do in Cornwall?” they would ask me in the staffroom at break.  “Will you look for a teaching job?”

Er…, no. That wasn’t part of the dream.  Not that I didn’t intend to work.  Far from it.  But I wasn’t willing to disclose my plans just yet.

~There’s a lot to do on the house,” I would say. Or “I will be helping my husband set up his new business.”

And both of these things were true. But I knew perfectly well what I wanted to do, and had known for quite some time.

For almost twenty years in fact I had been interested in healing.  And now it was time to choose what I really wanted.

Yes, I still want to help people.

But I don’t want to teach

I want to help people heal.


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