I love going to the hairdressers.

I love it because for the next two hours (if I’m having foils done) I have permission to sit and do nothing, apart from maybe flick through a Vogue or Harpers and Queen if I feel like it, and sip a cappuccino and nibble my little complementary chocolate with salon wrapper.

No lesson plans to prepare, no hoovering, hanging out washing, ironing or squirting Toilet Duck. No standing in a queue at the supermarket listening to a loop recording of pseudo-artists singing pop songs badly, no trying to find a parking space, or bustling through crowds to avoid a parking fine.  It’s a little gift of grace, this sanctified space of suspension from the usual obligations of everyday life.

Sheer heaven.

My hairdresser Jo, is another gift of grace.  Not merely because she’s the only hairdresser I’ve found who knows what to do with my ‘mind of its own’ hair, but because she’s quite a mystic, our Jo. Dressed all in black with her long, silver chains, her Vivienne Westwood shoes and platinum white bob, it’s not what you would expect.  And I’ve come to look forward to our whispered, semi-secret conversations under the hairdryer about the meaning of life, the power of affirmations, and wonders of metaphysics.

On this occasion I am telling her about my recent experience of healing, the clicking bones inside my Mum’s arm.

“Have you heard of Reconnective Healing?” she asks, somewhat off-piste.


I explain I am using the King Technique, and continue to explain what this involves.

I should have known better. I should have known it was a little drop of angel dust upon the conversation.  But I was oblivious at the time…

The conversation progresses to other things and the moment is forgotten.


Weeks later I am browsing the web again, ever on the lookout for further reading about developing spirituality, in particular with regard to my area of interest, healing.

I chance upon “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourselves” by Dr Eric Pearl.

A quick scan of the blurb and I am immediately drawn in because once again it affirms that anyone with an interest can learn how to heal. Anyone. This is just what I need to hear.

It also tells me there are no rituals or techniques to Reconnective Healing. Hmm, after my recent experience of a healing method heavily reliant on technique I’m even more interested.  Reading on I learn that Eric Pearl is not a psychic medium, born with a special gift, yet one day, he just found that the ability came to him.  Interestingly, this was after a period of crisis in his own life.  It seems to be that at the point of brokenness and vulnerability transformation happens, and with it the opening up of an entirely new direction.


I am suitably convinced that I need to read this book. I touch ‘buy with one click’ and soon I am turning the pages of the book that will change my life more than I realise…



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