I want to know what it feels like – Reconnective Healing.   This book I’m reading fascinates me – draws me in.  Especially the stories of unusual, supernatural experiences people had when they visited Eric Pearl for a chiropractic adjustment, and ended up getting far more than they expected (a life-changing miracle in some instances).

Are the sensations really so very tangible?

Would I have any sensory experiences; sights, sounds, smells?

Will my fingers, arms, feet twitch involuntarily?

Can I receive a healing?


There’s only one way to find out.

I look on the online directory to find a Reconnective Healing Practitioner close to where I live.


The room is quite large – it is a clean, pleasant space. A lamp adds a warm glow and a pot plant a homely feel.  I take off my shoes and glasses and lie on the treatment table.

What am I hoping for?

I should perhaps tell you about 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Kerataconus, a degenerative condition whereby the cornea is mis-shaped causing impaired vision. I have had corneal grafts in both eyes.  Both transplants were successful, but the refraction (especially in my right eye) remains compromised even with corrective lenses.

I would like perfect vision.

If only we could put our order in.

As I lie on the table with my eyes closed I feel heat around my head and an impression of light pressure across the top of my skull. I also feel a twinge or ‘poke’ (again very lightly) on my face, at the base of my left jaw.

The practitioner has told me that the healing is done ‘hands off’ and at no point will he touch me. As he moves around me I begin to feel subtle sensations at first, down my arms and legs, slight tingling, and occasionally a sense of pulling, like a string being gently tugged (this was mostly felt down the arm and leg of my right side).  At one point I feel the unmistakeably sensation of something sweeping or brushing against the surface of my leg, like something being swiped over it.  It doesn’t necessarily feel like hands, but has some weight to it, more dense and definite than the earlier subtle sensations.  There are three of these, one at the top of my leg, the next further down, just above the knee, and the third below my knee, each time on the right side.  Afterwards I feel what I can best describe as a sensation of raindrops down my right leg (mainly below the knee).  Although I don’t feel any wetness, the sensation is akin to water droplets in its flow and movement, and how I perceived it.  Then, unmistakeably, a sensation of a string being pulled, unravelled to be more precise.  If not a string, a tube, like one of those curly-wurly straws, with water being sucked through it – I am aware of the twists and turns, of something moving INSIDE MY LEG.  And all the while my body feels relaxed, and indeed very heavy, as though I couldn’t move if I tried.  Yet very peaceful.  Very loving.  It is as though this energy is holding me, and supporting me at the same time.  As the practitioner moves around my body I feel the energy building and swelling until ultimately I have the sense of being encased in a kind of pulsating capsule – yes the energy really is pulsating and throbbing around me, intense and tangible.  On two occasions I feel hands touching me. Once just below my collarbone on the right side, and the once I have a sensation of being stroked on the back of my left hand.


After the session I soon realise that an injury in my lower back feels different, noticeably by the absence of any pain on moving and the dull ache that has become ‘normal’. I had been told by my chiropractor that I had damaged my sacro-iliac (SI) joint, and trapped a nerve.  The good news – he could treat it, the bad news – he could not cure it.  It is an area that doesn’t heal easily due to lack of soft tissue, and therefore will probably continue to be an area of weakness from now on.  He said.


But the pain isn’t there anymore. Not even the ghosting of an ache.


Later I cancel my pre-scheduled appointment with the chiropractor because I have no joint pain, nor sensation of a trapped nerve anymore.

It is as though the injury never happened.


There is no change to my vision.

But I am not discouraged.


 “If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate.  If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve never even dreamed of – one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you.”

Dr Eric Pearl


I have a feeling that the best is yet to come…



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