He’s coming to the UK. Eric Pearl.  London.

It’s not exactly on my doorstep and the seminars are pricey. But I have to go.  I just have to.

I have to know for certain once and for all if it is true. I have to ‘test the spirits’ as they say.  Is Eric Pearl the genuine article or a false prophet?  I don’t know.  But I do know that I will know when I meet him in person and spend four days in his company.

I book my place on the training programme in May. I buy my train tickets online in June, book my accommodation in July, spreading the cost.


When I step into the conference room I am overwhelmed with the amount of production – the large screens at either side of the stage and the cameras. And a whole host of people behind production, pushing buttons, sliding levers, making the whole thing super-sized and sensational.  It jars with me at first.  I associate it with those Saturday night TV talent shows where over-production becomes easily equated with fakery and deception.

And I’m not sure what to make of Eric Pearl at first, to be honest. He is like a caricature of himself, with his drag-queen sarcasm, strutting around in his Italian silver-plated heels like Armani Versace.  Can this man really be the chosen vehicle for evolutionary advancement of humanity?

I’m not too sure.

Later I am to discover there is a valid reason for the cameras and magnified image. When table work is being demonstrated from the front, we are asked if we can identify the more subtle ‘primary registers’. The tiny flutters behind closed eyelids, the subtly pulsing veins in the neck – how else would we see this? Would all seventy-five of us crowd round the table, struggling to see? Or take turns to walk by which would take ages and eat into our valuable training time?

Back in my hotel room I sulk. I realise that I am prejudiced.  Maybe it’s a test. I must learn to suspend my judgement.

“Show me what you have bought me here to learn,” I say to God.

He just smiles and says nothing.


The next morning I feel completely different.   I wake up with a sense of knowing.  Knowing that when we are willing to face up to something about ourselves, and genuinely ask to be shown something new, revelations flood in.  And it is always progressive.  It is always good.  I just know that today will be a good day.

And it is.

The highlight for me is during the afternoon table work. We stand, three of us around each table with one lying down.  One with hands at the head, one at the middle, the other at the feet.  When prompted we rotate so we all get a chance to be the receiving ‘client’.

Something in the room changes. The air becomes thick with the Holy Spirit (I say this because I recognise this from years before in large gatherings on Spiritual Days – the distinctive character and quality is exactly the same) .  Eric Pearl is guiding us through some ‘nuances’ of working with and feeling the frequencies.  The showman is gone.  His voice is gentle, sincere, sensitive.

“Look at the person who is lying on the table,” he is saying.  “Find in that person something to love.”  I feel exhilarated and overwhelmed at the same time.  This is my calling.  I know it, I feel it.  The same calling I felt twenty years ago that first took me into ministry.  There has been no diversion, no detour.  This is a continuation,  an evolving process, progressive revelation.   As I am thinking this I hear Eric’s voice continue. “Some of you just now are finding your life’s mission – it is a high calling.”

My soul dances. My spirit soars.  Tears flow.  I am flooded with joy.  He has no idea what this means to me – what he has just said.

And I have my answer.

Eric Pearl is a good man with spiritual integrity.

And I also know why he was chosen.

So that we would all think…


(Eric’s words not mine, I hasten to add.)

And how I laugh.

I laugh and laugh, till tears wet my cheeks once again.

Because now God has spoken.

And I have heard.




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