One of the best things about being a primary teacher was teaching all the different subjects. I used to wear my white lab coat (from my King Technique days, remember) in the classroom whenever we had science and the kids thought it was fun.  They especially enjoyed the practical investigations whereby we might heat something up, like chocolate or butter to demonstrate a changing state.  Some things can reverse back to the state it was before; melted chocolate when cooled solidifies; ice returns to water when heated.  Other things, like bread becoming toast, raw egg fried, can not return to their former state.

The change is irreversible.

That’s just how I feel.

Irreversibly changed.

As I sit on the train home from London once the training seminars are over I am buzzing. Literally buzzing, like there is an electric current circuiting my body.  Everything about the last twenty-four hours seems surreal.  After the closing speech I did the usual sycophantic thing and had my photo taken with Eric Pearl.  I thanked and hugged him.  His body felt small, fragile – in contrast to his large personality.


That night I had a strange dream. The kind that feels very real.  I was lying on a couch – like a treatment table, but this one was covered with lights, circular and maybe other geometric shapes.  These lights were coloured, and went off in a sequence.  The sequence of the flashing lights was significant.  It reminded me of that game, ‘Simon’ I used to play as a child where you had to remember a pattern of lights and repeat it back correctly.  With each success the pattern would get longer and more tricky to recall.

In my dream I was watching myself lying on top of this bed with all these lights beneath me. Standing at the side of the bed was Eric.  It was as though I was being shown what happens during a healing session.  I remember that ‘AHA’ moment – ‘I get it now’, when I made a connection between the light patterns and the sensations I had felt within my body, that seemed to be like ‘little light tickles’ (as my eight year old son describes them) moving around inside in a grid-like pattern or sequence.


It felt important that dream, somehow. I can’t explain why.  Maybe I was being shown some lost knowledge – or some technology from the future?  Who knows…


Later I phone my Mum to tell her I am back home safely. I enthuse about the weekend, and she immediately says ‘Oh you’ll have to help your sister’, who I am told is suffering from lower back pain – so severe she can hardly get out of the car.


I phone her and explain that I will ‘do’ some healing for her.

“Why?” she says, ‘Where are you?  She thinks I must be in Yorkshire, close enough to call in.


I explain I can do it by distance. And tell her about the ‘experiment’ we did in London whereby people were displaying registers remotely corresponding to changing movements we were making with our hands 30 feet away.  It’s something to do with quantum physics, I say.

“Oh my word!” She is incredulous.  But she agrees to me having a go on her.  But she asks for the name and phone number of my (ex) chiropractor anyway, just in case…


Later that evening she reports that the pain is easing slightly. The next day when I ask her how she’s feeling, she says much better.  She is walking as normal without discomfort.  She never made that appointment with the chiropractor.


She doesn’t know what to make of it, but wants to find out more. I order her a copy of ‘The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself’ from Amazon.  I want her to understand what it is I do now and what has happened to me.

How I like a fried egg have undergone a change.

An irreversible change.








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