London is behind me. I am back to my small (adopted) home town in North Cornwall.  It is a happy little community that is a mix of indigenous locals and immigrants like us who recognise its innate charm and under-rated profile.  It is not tourist territory.  Nor is it industrial.  This is exactly why we chose it.


We are a five minute drive from the sea. When I walk my son to school each morning (no traffic to contend with or parking space to find) we hear dove-call as we amble along the pebble-path along alleyways to the high street. The slower pace of life is what appealed to us.  But how easy will it be to set up a business as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner here?  What will the townsfolk make of me?


The final day of our training seminar was devoted to setting up your own practise. I need a clean, warm room to work from, and a treatment table.   I need public liability insurance, to register for tax and some form of effective advertising.  This is all new to me.   As a teacher I just turned up.  Well not exactly, but I wasn’t involved with the business side of things; tax and National Insurance being automatically deducted at source by my LEA.  I never had to think about it.


Now I will have to learn.


I make a start by building a website.  I like the creativity of choosing a template and playing around with different images and fonts to get the right format and style.  I go for a clean and professional look, but with warmth and personality in the content style.  Tomorrow I have a hair salon appointment.  I’ll ask husband to take some photos when I get back and choose the best to upload.   I’m quite enjoying myself.  Before I know it it’s time to stop for the school run.  I’m fairly pleased with how it’s looking so far.  But I know there’s more to being successful than having a fancy website.


I need a mission statement.


Something that will remind me of my purpose on days when it all seems a bit slow, like nothing’s happening , that I mustn’t become disheartened but must press on when I come up against obstacles  or have no clients.


Gosh this sounds so negative. But I’ve been reading up about self-promotion, social media and how to build your list and  all the platforms I need to be on and in truth I am feeling a bit daunted by it all.


Then I remember what Eric said: ‘some of you are finding your mission’.    That’s when the light went on.  Something inside said ‘YES’.  There was an emotional response.


I pick up my Bible. (OK I didn’t pick it up.  It wasn’t just there.  I had to fish it out from the bottom of a pile of boxes still in storage.)  But when I find and open it up my eyes fall upon some familiar words:


“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Philippians 1:6


I like the word ‘confident’. I am perfectly happy to take instruction to feel confident.  I am also aware that I’ve been brought to this place for a reason, and what’s more it’s not all about me.


It really isn’t just about providing me with a happy and fulfilling life; this may (and will) happen as a side-effect, but in truth I am but a tiny stitch in a vast tapestry. The real purpose expands far beyond me and is part of a grander, richer design.


This makes me feel better. It means I’m not in this alone.

We’re all in it together.


And this changes my perspective.

The pressure’s off.


I am not the Weaver.

I just play my part.

Bit by bit, little by little.


I can do this.

I can be one little stitch within the context of a weave where I am supported by the framework of the loom and all the other little stitches surrounding me.


I smile, log into Vistaprint and order some business cards.


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