Get a Room!

I need to get a room.

I am consumed with a passion I cannot contain.


But not the way you are thinking… Erhem.


My passion comes from a life-changing discovery that needs to be shared.

I’ve been changed.  I’ve seen the light.  I have to tell others about it.


I know , I know. I sound like a charismatic evangelist.   Only there are no doctrines, no rules –  no dogmas,  rituals or techniques.

Just a wonderful new something that is real, powerful and needs to be seen to be believed.


And I need a room to practise from so I can share this wonderful new something with others.


As a registered Reconective Healing Foundational Practitioner I have agreed to work within the organisation’s terms and conditions. The Standards of Practice stipulates ‘I will provide a safe, clean, professional and appropriate environment for client sessions.’

Where do I begin?

I assume I will need to rent somewhere, and I am worried that my costs will far outweigh my income for who knows how long into the future. I can’t even speculate because I have no known model to base it upon.  No way of knowing how soon I will manage to get any clients.  Most people I speak to have never even heard of Reconnective Healing.


I decide to add a testimonials page to my website, writing up the healing stories from friends and family so far (with permission and changing some names). It counts as anecdotal evidence that there really is  something in this,  and hopefully someone reading might be persuaded that Recnnective Healing may be able to help them.


Next I do an internet search for practice rooms. It doesn’t yield very promising results.

I begin by Trying to find a room at a holistic therapy group practise. But they want certificates showing my credentials, and details of the college at which I studied for my discipline.


I do have a certificate…




…. for completing a four day seminar training programme in London.    It was held at the Kia Oval (yes, the cricket ground!)  I didn’t go to college.  I don’t have lots of letters after my name showing that I have studied really hard to learn my trade.   .


You see with Reconnective Healing there is just no need for a longer training programme involving months at college and lots of exams.   Reconnective Healing does not use any rituals or techniques.  As a practitioner I do not diagnose.  Nor do I treat a condition.  This means the success of a session isn’t dependent upon my skill as a practitioner:  indeed it isn’t about anything I do or say or think; nor whether or not I am any good at what I do.


It really isn’t about me at all.


Anyone can do it.


Yes, that means you.


All we learn during the training  programme is how to access the frequencies, feel them, become familiar with them and confident about ‘playing’ with them (one of Eric’s favourite terms).


The fact that people seem to report healings when we play in this way is quite remarkable. Astonishing.  Out of this world.


And it has nothing to do with me.

There is no place for ego in Reconnective Healing.


But I am discovering there is a downside to its simplicity.  It does mean that Reconnective Healing has quite some way to go before being accepted mainstream as a credible complimentary option in the UK.  Notwithstanding the Federation of Holistic Therapusts (FHT) refuse my application to join.


So I seem to have hit a dead end.


Maybe I don’t need to align myself with other holistic therapists. Maybe it doesn’t matter – I should just look for a room anywhere?


I stare blankly at the Google bar, waiting for inspiration…


Then I type in ‘rooms to hire, Truro’. (Truro is the only city in Cornwall  – I reckon it is important I have a base there.)


And I find something that looks rather promising.


The Cornwall Yoga Centre, situated very centrally and close to bus station and car parks, has rooms available for hire.


What’s more these rooms, which may be used for counselling services or therapies, can be hired as and when needed on an hourly basis. Equipment such as therapy beds are available and included in the price.  Success!


I have a room.


It is a ‘safe, clean professional and appropriate environment for client sessions.


And I am ready to roll.