Hello and welcome to my blog.

It is a chronological account of my journey From Teacher to Healer (although of course am not the healer!)  The first part of my blog was written retrospectively, telling a story.  I therefore suggest you read my posts in order starting from the earliest at the bottom of the page and reading upwards. This way hopefully it will make more sense. At some point in the future I will catch up with ‘real time’.

However you came by this page I want to thank you for being here.

Or rather, I want to thank the Universe for bringing you here.

I don’t believe it’s by accident, you see.   Along with many others I am convinced that we are going through a time of immense change here on Earth, and making giant leaps forward in our evolution.  We will achieve this collectively, therefore it makes sense that people of like mind and heart are being drawn together.  Collectively we will decide what we want the world to be like.  And we will make that change happen because we will be the change.  Then, when we reach the point of critical mass, and with the help of our friends above, we will enter ‘the new heavens and the new earth’ together.