After working as a primary teacher for fifteen years, with a couple of breaks to have my own children, I knew I was ready for a change.  I was comfortable, good at my job, but I was bored.  So I left a salaried profession, sold my house and moved to the other end of the country to make a fresh start and follow a hunch that would take me in a completely new direction.

My priorities began to change.  I  spent more time thinking, reading, learning new stuff about spirituality, raising consciousness, metaphysics.  A whole new world began to open up for me in a way that surprised and delighted me.


In particular I began to develop a long-standing interest in  healing.  I had a strong desire to help people overcome illness and other forms of suffering based on a deep conviction that this wasn’t and isn’t part of the original plan for us here on earth.  I wasn’t born with any special gift.  I don’t have psychic abilities.  I simply believed healing is possible, and I longed to be part of bringing this about.  But was it possibly for me to learn how to heal others and help make a difference in this way?


I didn’t know.

I’m still finding out.


Join me as I explore unfamiliar territory, continue to seek for truth, and try to find my place in a changing world.







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